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Our Story

Our Story

Deoro Jewelry is a firm with 24 years of history in the market and 60 years of experience in the jewelry sector. From the beginning, Deoro has been distinguished by the exclusivity, quality and beauty reflected in its jewelry, including the production of jewelry with Colombian emeralds.

For each piece, Deoro chooses materials in mint condition, achieving the highest standards in quality, following with accuracy the process to create delicate pieces, mixing with precision the incomparable experience of art and tradition.

We have 23 years of experience creating jewelry pieces with perfect finishes and the highest standars combining presission, art and tradition.

Deoro Jewelry

Quality in each piece

After years of study and knowledge, today Deoro counts with numerous techniques to create its unique Deoro pieces. Reflected in each of its designs is an essence and tradition, displaying original classic creations with first-class quality finishes.

Our unique jewelry pieces are 100% handmade and are certified by Icontec.